Can an undercover cop survive as a barista at Rock n’ Roll Alfie’s?

Her first undercover assignment lands her pouring coffee at the infamous grocery store on the Sunset Strip — “Rock n’ Roll Alfie’s.” Death by murder or accident, sex trafficking and drugs – this grocery store is like none other! 


"Ruth Drabkin has a whimsical way of being candid and insightful within a challenging reality."


About Ruth Drabkin

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Ruth Drabkin is a Self-Published Author, Writer, licensed realtor, and sales and marketing specialist. She is a vibrant individual with a charming and enigmatic personality that helps her captivate, inspire, and uplift everyone around her.

Ruth’s credentials include a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from San Jose State University. She has experienced a multitude of perspectives in a variety of complementary career roles that give her a unique multi-discip...