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When investigating the truth, we undoubtedly REVEAL more than what we need to know!

A young undercover cop in the City of Angels.  Her first assignment is to work as a Barista in a local grocery store on the infamous Sunset Strip – a.k.a. “Rock n’ Roll Alfie’s.”  Death by murder or accident, sex trafficking and drugs – this grocery st...

Go Ruthie Journal

Published: 11/5/2023

Daily Journal/Dairy for Girls and Boys of all ages!  Write down your daily adventures and thoughts for years to come.

Max's Diner

Published: 12/2/2023

“Max’s Diner” is a heartwarming tale of a cheerful dog who moonlights as a diner owner on Hollywood Boulevard, serving up forbidden treats to late-night dog customers with a side of
unconditional love.

Freddy Dream Journal

Published: 11/28/2023

Step into the world of drea...

Journal #1

Published: 11/4/2023

Introducing the "Daily Journal" – the perfect companion for your everyday musings, reflections, and moments. This notebook is thoughtfully designed with lined pages, perfectly sized at 6...


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In a world where dreams glitter with the sheen of illusion, step into the complex life of Sam Rossi—a flawed yet magnetic con artist whose story is a kaleidoscope of dizzying highs and gut-wrenching lows.

"Sam Said" is an electrifying comedy-thriller that peels back the layers of Sam's life, from the sun-kissed greens of Florida's golf courses to the pulsating energy of Los Angeles. Together with Jasmine, his fiercely devoted fiancée, they ride the exhilarating wave of crypto currency investments and real estate, hoping for a life painted in opulence. But when bankruptcy shatters their dreams, their picture-perfect façade threatens to crumble like sandca...

Journal #2

Published: 11/4/2023

Introducing the "Daily Journal" – the perfect companion for your everyday musings, reflections, and moments. This notebook is thoughtfully designed with lined pages, perfectly sized at 6...


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Guardians of the Celestial Realms invites you into a mystical world where the boundaries between mortal and celestial blur. Kinnaree, an ordinary woman with an extraordinary heritage, discovers her lineage of avian guardianship. Guided by her avian allies—a stoic Crow Man, a serene Rook, a determined Woodpecker, an insightful White Owl, a vibrant Joy Bird, and a timeless Phoenix—Kinnaree embarks on a quest to protect missing children and heal fractured souls. As they traverse diverse landscapes and face malevolent forces, thei...

King Cowboy

Coming Soon!

“King Cowboy” is about a young cowboy who was born into the royal family of Citronia but kidnapped and stowed on a ship by ba...

Freddy the Red Beddy

Published: 12/27/2022

"Freddy the Red Beddy" is about a magical bed that finds a nice home and becomes best friends with a little girl named Angelina....

Praise for Freddy the Red Beddy

Excellent! Lovely story, highly recommended.
— Amber Ward

Author Ruth Drabkin delivers the sweetest children's story with Freddy the Red Beddy. It begins with a mistake in the bed factory where the bed is made red by accident. Afraid for his job the factory worker gets rid of the bed behind a furniture store. As luck and fate will have it the bed eventually lands with a very appreciative little girl, Angelina. Angelina is special enough to discover that the bed is magical and they have wonderful adventures together. U...

Twirl A Girl - Empowering Phrases for Girls

Coloring Book

Published: 10/11/2023

Coloring Book with beautiful inspiring images and phrases for Girls ages 1-10 years.

Travel Word Puzzle Book

Published: 11/4/2023

Thank you for purchasing our puzzle book. Each puzzle is a mix of words regarding travel: countries, cities, rivers, lakes, transportation, sight-seeing, food and drink, where to stay and miscellaneous things.

This Word Search Puzzle book will keep you occupied and your mind sharp for many hours. Each puzzle has 15 words to find on the travel theme. Your task is to find and circle, highlight, or underline, the hidden words using the...

Go Ruthie Goes to the Grocery Store

Published: 12/13/2022

"Go Ruthie Goes to the Grocery Store" is a fun, adventurous story of a yound girl who solves mysteries while running errands with her mom. Thi...

Go Ruthie Goes to London

Published: 1/29/2015

Go Ruthie Goes to London is a rhyming adventure about finding the Queen's missing crown. Go Ruthie is a fun and outgoing six-year-old super sleuth who is called upon by friends in faraway l...

Go Ruthie Goes to the Airport

Published: 2/15/2015

Go Ruthie Goes to the Airport is another fun Go Ruthie rhyming adventure. Go Ruthie and her friends Rockin' Roger and Dashing Dimitri help to solve the mystery of the missing pink diamond for the airport security officer.

Go Ruthie Goes to Africa

Published: 10/28/2016

Go Ruthie Goes to Africa is about a young super sleuth "Go Ruthie" solving mysteries for her friends. This time Banana Barbara is in need as she cannot find her monkey i...

Go Ruthie Goes to Grandma's House

Published: 6/13/2022

Go Ruthie Goes to Grandma's House is part of a of series of Go Ruthie Books. She gets a phone call from her Grandma Alice to come over for a celebratory dinner with her mates, but ultimately must find her Grandma Alice's heart locket.

Go Ruthie Go "Where's Rockin' Roger's Guitar?"

Published: 6/13/2022

Go Ruthie Go "Where's Rockin' Roger's Guitar? is an action-adventure story that is part of the Go Rut...

Go Ruthie Go "Let My People Go!"

Published: 6/13/2022

Go Ruthie Go "Let My People Go" is a rhyming action adventure and part of the Go Ruthie Series. Join Go Ruthie, Rockin' Roger and Aqua Andy on finding the missing ancient key underneath the Red Sea!