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When investigating the truth, we undoubtedly REVEAL more than what we need to know!

A young undercover cop in the City of Angels.  Her first assignment is to work as a Barista in a local grocery store on the infamous Sunset Strip – a.k.a. “Rock n’ Roll Alfie’s.”  Death by murder or accident, sex trafficking and drugs – this grocery st...


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In a world where dreams glitter with the sheen of illusion, step into the complex life of Sam Rossi—a flawed yet magnetic con artist whose story is a kaleidoscope of dizzying highs and gut-wrenching lows.

"Sam Said" is an electrifying comedy-thriller that peels back the layers of Sam's life, from the sun-kissed greens of Florida's golf courses to the pulsating energy of Los Angeles. Together with Jasmine, his fiercely devoted fiancée, they ride the exhilarating wave of crypto currency investments and real estate, hoping for a life painted in opulence. But when bankruptcy shatters their dreams, their picture-perfect façade threatens to crumble like sandca...


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Guardians of the Celestial Realms invites you into a mystical world where the boundaries between mortal and celestial blur. Kinnaree, an ordinary woman with an extraordinary heritage, discovers her lineage of avian guardianship. Guided by her avian allies—a stoic Crow Man, a serene Rook, a determined Woodpecker, an insightful White Owl, a vibrant Joy Bird, and a timeless Phoenix—Kinnaree embarks on a quest to protect missing children and heal fractured souls. As they traverse diverse landscapes and face malevolent forces, thei...

King Cowboy

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“King Cowboy” is about a young cowboy who was born into the royal family of Citronia but kidnapped and stowed on a ship by ba...