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"COMING SOON IN Early 2024!"

When investigating the truth, we undoubtedly REVEAL more than what we need to know!

A young undercover cop in the City of Angels.  Her first assignment is to work as a Barista in a local grocery store on the infamous Sunset Strip – a.k.a. “Rock n’ Roll Alfie’s.”  Death by murder or accident, sex trafficking and drugs – this grocery store is like none other! How will she go about investigating with the challenge of making lattes for customers?  

She really has no idea what she is getting herself into. How hard could it be to work at Sunset Star Planet?  Little does she know it has the most turnover, difficult training acumen and her fellow baristas and customers are cut-throat wanting to get you fired. 

Along the way she becomes conflicted as she develops friendships, which could compromise her assignment. Navigating the jealousy, learning to detach and not get sucked into this iconic grocery store vibe is a feat in itself! There is more than meets the eye in this revealing story!  

Her revealations will blow your mind and her life will be forever changed.