Freddy the Red Beddy

Published: 12/27/2022

"Freddy the Red Beddy" is about a magical bed that finds a nice home and becomes best friends with a little girl named Angelina. Unfortunately, Freddy was delivered to her house by mistake. He was bough by another set of parents for their little girl. Lucy doesn't want a red bed; she wanted a pink bed. How will Freddy, Angelina, and Lucy all find happiness?

Praise for Freddy the Red Beddy

Excellent! Lovely story, highly recommended.
— Amber Ward

Author Ruth Drabkin delivers the sweetest children's story with Freddy the Red Beddy. It begins with a mistake in the bed factory where the bed is made red by accident. Afraid for his job the factory worker gets rid of the bed behind a furniture store. As luck and fate will have it the bed eventually lands with a very appreciative little girl, Angelina. Angelina is special enough to discover that the bed is magical and they have wonderful adventures together. Unfortunately, a challenge comes along when Freddy the Red Beddy might have to leave. We await with suspense to learn if Freddy and Angelina will get to stay together.

This is a wonderful children's book full of love, suspense, adventure, and a positive message. It is the perfect length for restless young children while providing an engaging and cherished read. I highly recommend it!
— Suzanne Richards